Sunday, October 27, 2013

One Year....
A year ago this weekend we were on our way to the Wisconsin Dells and got a call from our adoption worker.  She told us about a mom who was maybe looking at adoption for her two and a half year old and three month old sons and asked if we would want our book to be shown.  We of course said yes and what a journey it's been since then!  These pictures were the first time we met the boys. (We weren't sure if we could take pictures so the one of they baby is the best one we have!)

We met with the mom several weeks later and about a month after the call met the boys! (We discovered before we met them that they were 22 months and 3 months old!  A mere 18 months apart!)  It was such an exciting time, but there was much uncertainty.  We ended up meeting both of the parents over the next couple of months and then the boys moved in with us on January 5.  This was the day they came home with us...

Almost three weeks after they were with us we found out the adoption wasn't going to work out.  Their mom wasn't ready to have the boys back, but their dad didn't want them to be adopted.  So began another journey of pursuing guardianship for the boys. 
Their mom wanted us to have guardianship of the boys so we all met with a lawyer, she signed power of attorney over to us and left the boys with us.  Several weeks later their mom and dad got back together and she started thinking she wanted the boys back.  We never were able to get guardianship  It was quite the rocky ride and on April 13th, 14 weeks after moving in with us, they went back to their mom. 
This was the last picture we have of the kids together...

We don't know why God brought the boys into our lives, but we are so thankful for the time we had with them!  We continue to miss them and continue to pray for them and love them from afar!

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